The Commission has started enforcing 2019 SEI filings. If in 2020 you did not file your form reflecting 2019 financial information, your Statement of Economic Interests form should be submitted immediately. We recommend that you submit your form online at our website, If a filer does not have internet access, however, then he or she may call our office and request that a 2019 form be mailed to them.

Regarding Statements of Economic Interests, Ala. Code § 36-25-14 states:

(d) If the information required herein is not filed as required, the commission shall notify the public official or public employee concerned as to his or her failure to so file and the public official or public employee shall have 10 days to file the report after receipt of the notification. The commission may, in its discretion, assess a fine of ten dollars ($10) a day, not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000), for failure to file timely.

(e) A person who intentionally violates any financial disclosure filing requirement of this chapter shall be subject to administrative fines imposed by the commission, or shall, upon conviction, be guilty of a Class A misdemeanor, or both.

Any person who unintentionally neglects to include any information relating to the financial disclosure filing requirements of this chapter shall have 90 days to file an amended statement of economic interests without penalty.”

The fine schedule (accruing at $10.00 per day) is as follows:

County Level:
Fines Begin – August 27, 2020
Fines Assessed – December 7, 2020

Municipal Level:
Fines Begin – October 29, 2020
Fines Assessed – February 8, 2021

State Level:
Fines Begin – December 24, 2020
Fines Assessed – April 5, 2021