Director's Welcome

Thomas B. Albritton

Welcome to the website for the Alabama Ethics Commission.

I hope you take the time to become familiar with Alabama’s ethics laws so that we may all maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct. The mission of the Ethics Commission is to foster integrity in public service in state, county and local government, to promote the public’s trust and confidence in that service, and to prevent conflicts between private interests and public duties.

As the state agency responsible for enforcement of the state’s ethics laws, we hope that this web site will provide public officials and public employees with the necessary tools to ensure compliance with the rules of conduct and disclosure, as well as the public and the media with the necessary information to be adequately informed. We have tried to make this web site as user friendly as possible. We update our site often and welcome your comments on how we can make the information more accessible and useful to you. I encourage you to explore our website, and call the Commission at 334.242.2997 if we can be of service to you.